Unique Way Of Adding Flowers To A Floral Wedding Theme

If you have always wanted a floral wedding´┐╝ you have come to the right place. Here are few exceptional ideas from Florists On Long Island to incorporate flowers’s at your wedding in an artistic way.

The Flower Canopy

Imagine yourself, walking down the aisle, your delicate white dress trailing behind you and a beautiful rose or lilac canopy shadowing your every move. Isn’t this magical? Flowers add charm and enchantment that no other decor can. A beautiful floral canopy will make your wedding hard to forget.

Center Pieces

Make your wedding talk of the town by getting silk flower centerpieces. These can be rented very easily, and it’s perfect for minimalist weddings. You can also DIY some ideas to save yourself a couple of hundreds.


Thinking about a unique wedding favor? What goes with a floral wedding? Ask Florist on Long Island? Well, corsages!Hand your guest corsages according to the theme of your wedding and make them feel even more involved in your special day. Silk corsages or similar are better than live blooms as the guest can keep them as a memory for a longer period. Add a corsage to all placement cards and the guest can take that home when they leave.

Back Drop

Framing is important for pictures and flowers are important for weddings, combine them, and you get a splendid floral backdrop to frame all your wedding photos. There are many monuments being captured when the vows are being said, and when the big “I do” moment comes you can’t have all that without a breathtaking backdrop.

Flower Confetti

If you want the “I Do” moment showered with blessings from the guest hand out confetti to all of them. Just add a little twist of making it a rose petal confetti shower. With all different kinds of roses in the market, you get a lot of different color options as well. As Long Island Florists it would make a great picture as well. You can also create an instagram hashtag with all of your floral ideas.

Floral Cake

With a floral theme, you can have any kind of cake and your live blooms or eatable flower in a artistic way. You can even make a floral theme cake at home; Yes, it’s that easy.

Floral Veils

There is nothing you can’t do with flowers at a wedding. Want to make things extra unique? Add flowers to your veil. You can add them to the bottomless near the crown to make it most impressive.

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