Keith Ape- “Psycho” Ft Robb Banks

keith ,ape, robb, banks, psycho
Asian Rap sensation Keith Ape is back again with a new trap track called “Psycho” ft Robb Banks.This track is dark sounding and has a hypnotizing rhythm. Listen close and you will hear some English words mixed with Korean.This could be a reason to why Keith Ape is so popular.

Is his ability to combine languages in his raps allowing him to appeal to more people?Keith Ape has worked with Wacka Flocka and other big  U.S. rap names so read up on him. He is just getting started and is a fairly new name to the U.S. but he seems to be gaining popularity and he is on his way to becoming a recognizable name in the world of rap.
Check out his latest and more from Keith Ape on his soundcloud.