Mina Luna Vincent: A Journey Where Fashion Meets Cinematography

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From the dawn of civilization, mankind has always been a lover of fashion. And since the 21st century, fashion trends are nearly an obsession of every human being. Fashion has a different level of impact in today’s world and it is needless to say that our taste in fashion is evolving every day. Another thing that makes the human race crazy is movies. As we all know, movies and fashion are very intimately related to one another and they both represent each other. However, bringing out the perfect balance between both elements in one place is not a very easy task to do. That is why few fashion film directors have come to the limelight. 

Since we are talking about balancing fashion and movies, it impossible to ignore Mina Luna Vincent. Mina Luna Vincent is a Mexican fashion cinematographer who is also a very talented and dedicated fashion director. Her work reflects her unique and crude style of transmitting fashion into beauty and displaying the power of colors, prints, materials, and texture through her excellent cinematography.

Who is Mina Luna Vincent?

Mina Luna Vincent is a film director, art director, musician, artist, screenwriter, producer, and novelist. Her birth name is Jazmin Yvette Gonzalez Luna. She was born in Mexico 1987, February 13th.

Her Contribution to the Industry:

Mina started her career with minor art gallery exhibitions and fashion photography in the U.S. from 2002 to 2008. In 2006, she Created the bran SUCIA. IN 2007 participated in an exhibition and she became famous for her photography presentation of ‘The Hill Top, Arizona’.

In 2008, she started working with Black Xolo Films. It is a film production company that worked especially in creating promotional videos for some of the best fashion brands and industries.  Black Xolo Films also works on tourism, gender equality, documentaries, short films, and anime projects 

In 2013, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico. she worked on a project that presented augmented reality and it left everyone speechless. It was one of the pioneers of augmented reality in the fashion film category.


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Art is something that encourages life in its special ways. Fashion and cinematography are two of the most fascinating things in the world. Mina Luna Vincent is an aspiring and hard-working creative person whose dream is to create a perfect blend of fashion with cinematography. She has worked on some great projects and inspired other aspiring artists to follow their dreams

To view her augmented reality video CLICK HERE and download the app.