NUEX “Lights Off” Music Video



Click Here to Watch “Lights Off” as Premiered on Galore

“The tune is dreamy and chill, but still has vibes that makes you wanna dance — and the video features a dreamy party that we only wish we were invited to. ” — Galore

NUEX unveiled their super slick and dreamy visual for “Lights Off” today on Galore. The DMV duo, which is singer Camille and producer Teddy get down to detail in their Q&A interview with Galore while explaining everything from how they met on craigslist to the most embarrassing moments on stage! 2017 is set to be stellar year for these rapidly rising stars as Nuex also announces their expected 2017 EP, Affectus.

NUEX goes into describing the video for “Lights Off” as, “Everything you’re seeing is a dream, and it represents the tone of the song, like this is what life could be—a party, a dream…”

Camille and Teddy are not only known for their spell-binding sounds but also their performances. You can get lost with NUEX while they’re on stage at their next performance at the Glow End Theory event at BLACK CAT in DC on Thursday, Dec. 29th! Purchase your tickets here, and look out for NUEX‘s upcoming project, Affectus due Spring 2017.

Head over to Galore to get to know NUEX & watch the debut of their “Lights Off” video.

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