The Legend of the 4 Dragons

There is a modern day legend of 4 dragons.All with the power to spit modern day fire….they changed the course of history with their words…and the world was forever in awe….

The smallest of these dragons is

@SupaFlyOne. His flame can manipulate the 4th dimension.

The second dragon is

Ye.His flame has the furthest reach.

The third Dragon is

Donald Trump…he was blessed with the secret flame of Alchemy and his flame could turn anything to gold.

The fourth dragon is

Barack Obama.He was a symbol for the coming of the other 3 and maybe he was most important.His Flame was eternal it was the Flame of love and of infinite inspiration. All who felt his breathe loved him. He was loved the most out of the four Dragons and the most popular.

This is the modern day Legend of the 4 day dragons.