“Let Your Hair Down” A Song Snippet By @SupaFlyOne

I always encourage people to pursue their dreams and to be creative. I have always enjoyed playing music and singing. I think they are the best forms of creative expression.

My style of singing is inspired by Nat King Cole and the way he sings in a calm soothing natural tone. My song lyrics take notes from James Brown and are focused on being simple but catchy. I created this song all on my own. I did my own recording and created the music.

Check out the snippet of my song “Let Your Hair Down” below on Instagram.

I am looking for a producer to work with to help with the levels and recording of my works. If you know someone who would be interested in helping me curate my music have them contact me.

Once I have finalised my songs I would like to release hard copy Cd’s.I would also like to create some visuals to go along with some songs as well.

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